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2011    2012

John Agard (video by Stuart Moxham)

Mr Moon and Grace (video by Rob Ellen)

Emboldened by another crazy (and much appreciated) donation from Ralph, and an unbreakable commitment to put on Michael Stimpson's The Sharecropper's Son, the Ashley Wood Festival returned for its third year. In many ways, this is my favourite. Organisationally, I was literally on my own. There was no-one else. I took the money, made the posters, set the lights, and cleared up afterwards. But there was a change of format too, with three one day events (with an extra Friday night in June), which felt much more focused somehow. And everything, I mean everything, that went on was just plain good, with a beautiful dollop of weirdness too. Because Tim couldn't make it this year, photos are thin on the ground, so anyone who has any pictures, please do get in touch and I will be delighted to post them here.


With thanks to Keystone (yet again) for the booze, Beggar's Banguet and the UItterly Sexy Cafe for the food, and of course Claire, without whom etc (although at least you got paid this year).


Who knows, we might return ...

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