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Lydia Shears


This is a current project, inspired by a note to one of the songs in the collection Wiltshire Folk Songs, which states that Lydia Shears was taken to be a witch and shot by a silver bullet. I am trying to imagine how that might happen, and tie the story in with some of the songs in Wiltshire Folk Songs. I think I have decided it is a radio play. It is structured as a series of two frames around the central story of Lydia, one frame from 1914, when the songs in WFS were collected, and the other, outer, frame from the present when a group of musicians are rehearsing the songs for the first time. 



I have just finished a second draft of the completed play. It has turned out in ways surprising to me, incorporating themes and incidents that I didn't expect. A very pleasant first experience of a work of mine outstripping my control and developing a life of its own. That doesn't mean that it is a better piece of writing for all that, but both Lydia and Polly surprised me, which perhaps says something about their characters. 


The second draft is available here.

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