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The Bigger the God


These guys were big news in Oxford during the '90s. They released singles and even made videos (available on Youtube, check it out). Their first album nearly broke them into the big time, but not quite. I played on their second album, The Bigger the God and the Ugly, when they had given up any thoughts of pop stardom and decided to aim for artistic integrity instead. Great fun and I played quite a few gigs with them too, in places as far away as Norwich (that's rock'n'roll for you).


"The Bigger the God flirt casually with Vaudeville, Burlesque and plain old camp drama to weave mini-operas peopled by sleazoids and weirdo's. If you can get over the intial shock of the concept, you may find there's some decadent fun to be had with David Cowles-Hamar's swooping theatrical voice."

 Martin O'Gorman, '...And the Ugly' album review, Record Collector, March 2000.

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