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The Ozzard of Wiz

The Ozzard of Wiz is an agent of chaos. Who makes everyone on stage with him speak in sonnets. He really is a very nasty man.


This is a quest story in the mode of Pilgrim's Progress, about a banjo player who loses his mind and walks the wild moor. The Ozzard appears in the third section of the play, which is set in Exeter. He does not make things turn out OK.



The Ozzard of Wiz, scene 15

(where the Ozzard and Joe discuss life and Joe receives a present he should have refused)


The Ozzard of Wiz, from scene 16

(where it ends up rather badly for Joe) 


Note: When the Ozzard is on stage, he imposes a strict sonnet form on himself and everyone around him. Lines are ten syllables long, rhymed ababcdcdefefgg. I have gone to some trouble to submerge this form, deliberately masking rhymes (especially the final rhyming couplets) where possible, but they are there. I did not want it to be easily apparent that the characters were speaking 'poetry'; rather I wanted the effect to be a vague and obscure sense that something was not quite normal, an uncanny atmosphere to the dialogue spoken when the Ozzard is around.

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