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The South Sea Company Prospectus


Played keys with this band for a year or so. We even went on tour. Very exciting. A week or so in a couple of transit vans with three other bands, including the Rock of Travolta, promoting our joint Shifty Disco release, the cringingly named When I Wank on my Guitar, the Whole World Wanks With Me. Touring was fun. We rotated the order so each band took turns playing first on the bill. It was our turn in Glasgow. We played our set to a largely empty room. When we finished, we went upstairs to discover that the venue hadn't unlocked the doors yet. Happy days. I remember the Adelphi in Hull as being a cracking little place. We slept on the floor there after the gig.


Matt on bass and samples, Rich on guitar, Colin on drums, me on keys, Johnny on keys and samples.


Stop press: Have just found the CD. It was not released by Shifty Disco, but by Juggernaut Records. That's how much attention I paid to my recording career. And here is the SSCP track, She Makes Me Nervous. The sound of the inside of a pinball machine.





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